Remove Stucco Exterior

This exterior renovation included a 3rd stall addition onto the garage. The 13 year old house was synthetic stucco, and as the homeowners said it was the “ugliest house in the neighborhood”.  Beyond the garage addition we built a new front entrance with an arched roof and built new shutters. The stone on the front is not synthetic stone it is real. The other 3 sides are vinyl with wide trim to accent the windows. 

This was also a “shallow frost protected footing” addition. The advantages of this type of construction is we only need to go about 18” into the ground as opposed to 48” with a conventional footing. Less excavation, less site damage and the foundation and floor can be poured all at once. In conventional foundations there are three separate pours, footings, foundation walls, and then the floor so this also cuts the time it takes to get the project out of the ground.

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